Sobey Foundation Submission Guidelines:

The Sobey Foundation partners with publicly supported charitable organizations. A registered CRA number is required for your application to be considered for funding. We support organizations that can demonstrate their ability to sustain the program or project for which funding is sought, beyond the period of Foundation support.

The Sobey Foundation supports programs and projects with a measurable vision for improving the lives of individuals through the areas of: Health, Education and Community. We seek partnerships in areas where funding is intended to directly benefit the lives of the projects and programs end users.

Examples include, but are not strictly limited to:

  • Scholarship and Research Programs
  • Preventative, Curative or Palliative Health Initiatives
  • Community engagement demonstrating measurable improvements to quality of life for the greatest number of people in that community.

To apply, please inform us of the specific nature of your proposed program or project, and the benefits that will result from it. Your submission will be reviewed at the next quarterly meeting of the Board of the Sobey Foundation.


For further information, please email us here.