The Sobey Foundation is dedicated to fostering transformative change in Pictou County, Nova Scotia, our home region. Our new, five-year strategic plan is focused on investing in initiatives that build capacity for primary healthcare delivery and community development.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be an active partner in the transformation of our home region of Pictou County, Nova Scotia. Our five-year strategic plan is focused on five collaborative partnerships that are aimed at making a lasting impact by addressing the core issues that challenge our rural communities and small towns.

Health: Building Capacity for Primary Healthcare Delivery

We are committed to supporting initiatives that ensure individuals and families receive the care they require, when they need it.

Community: Investing in Development to Drive Future Growth

We are dedicated to investing in transformative initiatives that support community development and ensure a sustainable future.

Investing in Our Communities



partnering with organizations in Atlantic Canada and beyond.



undertaken in our communities since 2007 alone.



invested in shaping a better future for neighbours and families.

Shaping a Better Tomorrow

Learn about the people in our communities who are working to make a lasting difference in the lives of their neighbours. These inspiring stories drive our work.

Dr. Oseme Eriakha

Improving healthcare by building relationships

A $2.7 million commitment from The Sobey Foundation will enhance Healthy Pictou County’s ability to entice healthcare providers to put down roots.

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