Frequently Asked Questions

Is The Sobey Foundation accepting applications?

The Sobey Foundation is dedicated to fostering transformative change in our home region of Pictou County, Nova Scotia. Guided by our five-year strategic plan, we are focused on investing in initiatives that build capacity for primary healthcare delivery and community development in this region.

This focused approach means that we are temporarily pausing the acceptance of new proposals to ensure that our current projects receive the attention, support, and resources they need to thrive and succeed. This pause allows us to deepen our engagement with these initiatives, learn from their implementation, and use these insights to guide our future funding strategies.

We understand the importance of the work being done by organizations across Pictou County and beyond, and we encourage you to stay connected with us. We look forward to reopening our application process in the future, equipped with new insights and strategies to support impactful projects.

In the meantime, we invite you to explore our website, learn more about our ongoing initiatives, and consider how we might collaborate in the future. 

What is The Sobey Foundation’s mission?

The Sobey Foundation is dedicated to fostering transformative change in Pictou County, Nova Scotia, our home region, by investing in strategic initiatives that build capacity for primary healthcare delivery and community development. 

What areas of focus does The Sobey Foundation support?

We are currently supporting partners within our home region of Pictou County, Nova Scotia, that focus on Health: building capacity for primary healthcare delivery; and Community: transformative initiatives that support community development and ensure a sustainable future.

What types of projects are not funded by The Sobey Foundation?

While we are committed to community support, we typically do not fund individuals, for-profit initiatives, projects that are political or religious in nature, or projects outside our focus areas of healthcare delivery, and community development. Currently, we are only funding initiatives inside the geographical region of Pictou County, Nova Scotia.

When applications re-open, who can apply for funding from The Sobey Foundation?

Eligible applicants include publicly supported and registered charitable organizations with a valid CRA number. We seek partners who can demonstrate sustainability and a clear alignment with our focus areas.

How does The Sobey Foundation select projects for funding?

Projects are carefully selected based on their alignment with our core values, focus areas, and the potential for sustainable impact. Currently, we are prioritizing initiatives that demonstrate innovative approaches to addressing community needs in Pictou County, Nova Scotia.

Is there a geographic focus for The Sobey Foundation’s initiatives?

Currently, The Sobey Foundation is focused on supporting projects in Pictou County, Nova Scotia, our home region. 

How can I submit a proposal for funding?

Applications are currently closed. However, when the window for applying is open, proposals can be submitted through our website. Please review our submission guidelines and criteria page for detailed information on the application process.

What is the review process for funding proposals?

When the application process is reopened, each submission is reviewed by our Board at quarterly meetings. Proposals are evaluated based on their alignment with our mission, potential for impact, and sustainability.

How can I learn more about The Sobey Foundation’s work and impact?

We invite you to explore our website, where you can find detailed information about our mission, past projects, and the latest news. Discover inspiring stories on our dedicated Stories Page, where you can read and watch first-hand accounts of how our initiatives are making a difference. Join our mailing list to stay updated on our partnerships and impacts, and see the results of our collaborative efforts.

How do Foundations within Sobey Philanthropies work together to amplify impact?

While each Foundation within Sobey Philanthropies operates with its unique mission and focus areas — from promoting artistic excellence and supporting business education to enhancing community development and building capacity in healthcare delivery communities — we share common values and a commitment to impactful philanthropy. Inspired by Frank H. Sobey’s vision, we have a collaborative approach that transcends individual missions, allowing us to use our collective resources and insights to create broader, more sustainable change. This unified approach allows us to tackle diverse challenges, ensuring our work contributes to shaping a better tomorrow for communities in our home region of Pictou County and beyond.