We invite you to discover the inspiring stories of impact and transformation behind The Sobey Foundation’s work. Explore how our initiatives in communities and health are driving generational change.


Hidden in Plain Sight

The inspiring transformation of this northern Nova Scotia region is being driven by neighbours with an extraordinary vision, and The Sobey Foundation’s $8.3 million commitment.
July 6, 2024
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Helping to build community

A $1.2 million commitment from The Sobey Foundation will help the Pictou County Partnership increase support to small businesses, nonprofits and newcomers.

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The deCoste brings the community together

The Sobey Foundation’s commitment of $2.5 million will enhance the centre’s transformation into a cultural hub for Central Nova Scotia.

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Improving healthcare by building relationships

A $2.7 million commitment from The Sobey Foundation will enhance Healthy Pictou County’s ability to entice healthcare providers to put down roots.

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VON Pictou County is transforming healthcare

The Sobey Foundation’s commitment of $1.1 million over five years will create generational change.

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Ship Hector: A Story of Culture, Tenacity and Community

A $750,000 funding partnership with The Sobey Foundation will ensure a pivotal piece of the region’s history remains sustainable well into the future.

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United Way Creates Opportunities for the Future

Partnership with The Sobey Foundation, dating back to 1982, is based on similar philosophies and desire for enduring change.

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A Story of Hope

Family of Support: Child and Youth Mental Health Initiative is building a Canada-wide circle of care.

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Emergency Fund Helps Communities in Crisis

Responding quickly and working together with local experts after tragedy strikes is central to The Sobey Foundation’s core mission.

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