Emergency Fund Helps Communities in Crisis

Responding quickly and working together with local experts after tragedy strikes is central to The Sobey Foundation’s core mission.

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Tragedies strike without warning, leaving people and communities struggling to pick up the pieces. When a natural disaster strikes or neighbours face a crisis, The Sobey Foundation is ready to help. Partnering with experts at the grassroots level, the Foundation acts quickly to provide the support that is needed.

In May 2023, when the largest wildfires in Nova Scotia’s history destroyed homes and businesses, damaged communities, and forced thousands from their homes, The Sobey Foundation stepped up with a $50,000 donation. 

When Hurricane Fiona hit in September 2022, it cut a devastating path across Atlantic Canada, destroying buildings, uprooting trees, creating storm surges and knocking out power for thousands of people in the region. In the immediate aftermath, The Sobey Foundation and Sobeys Inc. each donated $100,000 to the Canadian Red Cross Hurricane Fiona in Canada Appeal. 

In April 2020, a mass shooting struck the very heart of Nova Scotia, leaving the entire province reeling. The Sobey Foundation together with Sobeys Inc., made an immediate donation of $425,000 to the Nova Scotia Stronger Together Fund that was created to support the individuals, families and communities affected by the tragedy. 

The tragedies were a potent reminder that our communities are all connected and that when a tragedy strikes one part of Atlantic Canada, it strikes us all. The Foundation’s Emergency Fund is a tangible way to offer support when it’s most needed.